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Tiger - Pro
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Tiger - Pro

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This design was inspired by recent events highlighting the importance of continuing to advocate for equality and diversity. While a tiger and a bumblebee may seem like an unlikely friendship, if you look past their differences, they share many things in common. Both are yellow and black, both have stripes, and both work as part of a greater whole to thrive. This design is meant to encourage all of us to look beyond differences to see what unites us rather than what divides.

Each mask includes the following:

  • A nanofiber membrane filter, tested by Nelson Labs USA to provide over 99.9% filtration against viruses, bacterial, pollen, and other pollutants.
  • A trademark “parrot beak” shape leaves extra space in front of your nose and mouth so you can comfortably keep it on for hours at a time. No more muffled talking or stuffy breathing.
  • A nanofiber membrane filter uniquely developed to maintain efficacy for at least 50 washes, enabling it to be sewn-in and provide full coverage spanning the entire shape of the mask.
  • Many other masks are made with carbon filters, which are heavy and bulky. In contrast, we use a highly protective nanofiber membrane with a wafer thin and lightweight profile.
  • Ear straps and an adjustable nose wire ensure a perfect fit for a variety of face shapes.
  • A hand-sewn trim adds extra security and comfort.
  • All masks are washable by hand. Please watch our video tutorial here.

Size guide:

KIDS fits most youth 10 and under.
MEDIUM fits most youth and average size adults 5’8” and under.
LARGE fits most youth and adults over 5’8”.