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The Happy Masks Waitlist

To improve the Happy Masks shopping experience, we have decided to start a waitlist, where we will be inviting smaller groups of customers to private, password-protected restocks. Please sign up here to join the waitlist. Invites will be sent out based on when you sign-up. We anticipate 2-3 restocks each week.

This is our first time trying a waitlist approach, and we recognize that there may be some kinks along the way, so please be patient with us as we work through this process. We appreciate your continued understanding as we work to ramp up our supply.

Waitlist Q&A

How many masks can I purchase during a waitlist restock?

You are able to order up to 5 masks during each waitlist restock. There is no limit to the number of pouches and lanyards that you are able to order. 

How much advance notice will I have for when my turn is up?

We will notify you the day before, with a password specific to that restock. The restock will be live for 1-hour or until it sells out.

What if a private restock code is shared with others?

Any orders placed using an unrecognized e-mail that doesn’t match the invite list will be cancelled, with a 10% processing fee. Please be careful to checkout using the same e-mail that received the invite. If you accidentally use a different e-mail to checkout, please e-mail us right away to avoid any cancellations. If you use PayPal, Apple Pay, or Shop Pay to purchase, we recommend checking your e-mail there to ensure that it matches. If we catch it in time, we can edit the e-mail for you on our end.

Can I place multiple orders during my private restock?

As long as the multiple orders in sum do not contain more than a total of 5 masks, this is fine. For example, you can place an order of 2, and another order of 3 without any issue. If you do end up placing multiple orders, please e-mail us immediately after the restock to inform us.

What if the colors and/or sizes that I need aren't available?

If this happens, please do not place an order. Once you place an order, you will be removed from the waitlist. We recommend only ordering when you are able to get all the colors and sizes that are acceptable to you. Because each shipment is different, we ask that everyone be as flexible with colors at this time. As long as you do not order, you will automatically get rolled over to the next restock. 

What if I miss my restock?

As long as you haven’t placed an order, you will automatically be invited to the following restock. 

What if the masks sell-out before I checkout?

If this happens, please do not panic. You will automatically be rolled over to the next restock. While the masks will likely sell out, the large majority of customers will be able to place an order (unlike the regular restocks before implementing the waitlist).

How long do I need to wait for my restock?

We have a waitlist tracker, which will show you what number you are in line. We unfortunately can not translate your number into a wait time, since that is impacted by a number of things that are changing in a meaningful way daily, such as how many customers place orders at each restock, progress on ramping production, and if customers choose to leave the list.

We will continue to update the cumulative number of people invited after each restock to give you a sense for how the waitlist is progressing.

What time will the restocks be?

Restocks will be at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, and you will be notified the day before your restock.

How much will shipping be?

Shipping rates will return to its usual rate, which is free for any order of $60 or more, and $6 for all orders under that amount.

How long will the waitlist continue?

The waitlist will continue until the inventory situation improves to a point where we have enough masks for everyone who wants to purchase from the site. 

How do I delete a mask from my cart during the restock? 

If you need to remove a mask from your cart, input the number “0” instead of adjusting it using the "-" button. 

Can I sign up again after my waitlist turn?

Please do not sign up again after your waitlist turn. If there are still inventory challenges by the time we are able to cycle through the entire waitlist, we will start again from the beginning.

How do I leave the restock waitlist if I no longer need masks or want to give up my spot for someone else?

Please click here to remove yourself from the restock waitlist. Please note that this is a permanent deletion.